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We are in need for technology to make our work simple. This results in more number of inventions. It is not simple task, they need to face more obstacle. After facing all these struggles they make their invention successful. If you invent some product, you must get patent. So prevent transfer of ownership to others. So your whole process goes waste. While writing books and other articles you need to get patent, so can claim royalty from others while using your own work. Not only in the field of business, needed it for other fields also. Patent is also applicable for getting patent, so it prevent other from copying our work. For more details you can refer intellectual property lawyer, to know about its purpose. Patent also yield income for some persons. For example, if you wrote some book and give it to publisher for publishing and they publish them in their own name, so you can claim royalty, if you have patent for your work. The need for lawyer is must to claim for it. They help in filling case, so we need to present required document. More number of lawyers is prevailing for this purpose. Without proper proof it is hard to claim for it. Now many people are known about importance of this and file a patent for their work.

Other Field Of Service

It is applicable also in the field of research; they spent most of their time in finding something for useful purpose. For their findings, they must need patent. Since research is a hard task, they can’t find things in single process. They need to work hard, so they must file patent to preserve their findings. It is almost needed in various purposes. To prevent copying our own findings this is more useful. Patents are the trademark, so it prevent from illegal access. For the owners of intellectual property it is more helpful. It is one of the alternatives for earning money. Since, if someone uses our product without our permission, we can claim money. We can sell our product based on our own interest to others. This is applicable if we have patent rights.

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