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Buying property in the UK, and the subsequent move to your new house, is considered to be in the top five of the most stressful periods you can go through. Using a fully qualified property or conveyancing solicitor, can help alleviate much of the worry during this period.

Finding Your Solicitor:

Most domestic property purchases are carried out through estate agents, many of whom will recommend a solicitor they work with. However, bear in mind many of these can be expensive, as the agents expect a commission fee from the solicitor, which will be included in what you are charged.

If you don’t have a family solicitor, make enquiries with friends who have already purchased. If they were happy with their legal service, approach that firm of solicitors. CJCH Solicitors Cardiff have built a good reputation with corporate and individual clients. Whoever you chose to do your conveyancing, always ask for an estimate of costs.

Online conveyancing is becoming increasingly popular, but you need to do your homework on how good and reliable they are. Remember, although they are often considerably cheaper, you will be dealing with a faceless company, with all correspondence carried out by email or letter.

So Why is a Property Solicitor so Important:

Firstly you need to arrange a mortgage ‘in principal.’ This means a lender is prepared to advance a mortgage amount provided all their criteria of income, property valuation, and credit checks are met. Solicitors can help you with this, as can estate agents and independent financial advisors, or you can approach the lender yourself.

With your offer accepted, the lender will require a valuation of the property, which you, in most cases, have to pay for. When the lender is happy with the results, and you have a formal mortgage offer; your solicitor can begin earning his/her fee.

Your solicitor will provide all legal advice pertaining to the purchase. Handle all contracts, and conduct local searches to ensure your chosen property isn’t going to be demolished sometime in the future. He/she will deal with the Land Registry and ensure funds are transferred from the lender to pay for the property.

Your solicitor will also act as a go-between, between you and the people you are buying from. For instance, if there was a verbal agreement the seller was prepared to leave certain furniture, or you had agreed to buy it.

Many people consider using a property solicitor expensive, and a waste of money. Don’t listen to them. Using a property solicitor will ensure the whole legal process of buying your house is carried out correctly, and full records are kept.

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