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I made the mistake of building my own home. Not literally, I didn’t put together the wood and the plaster and the installation. What I did was, have a design laid out and had a company or several help put it together for me. It was extremely costly and the time of value for my house was worth well over or close to a million dollars. The only problem with the entire situation was that directly after I built the home and house of my dreams, the economy turned and the house hold value dropped. I stayed there for several years but the mortgage itself with the way my loan was set up was close to four thousand dollars a month. I lost my position at the company I was working with, but did not entirely lose my job. My pay dropped and I could no longer afford the cost of the mortgage. For the six hundred thousand dollars I stilled owed the bank, I ended up getting together with a foreclosure attorney and had to settle on selling my home for whatever it was I owed the bank. I made no profit, but it’s ok. It’s been years since that turn around and I’m ok within my position of comfort. I just wanted to express my story and hopefully give credit to the foreclosure attorney that helped me. They made a terrible position in which I was stuck in- feel as though a final relief was clear and around the corner.

I would have never made it through the problem without this particular business. is the business link to the for closure attorney that saved me. If you can benefit or are in need of a person or company that can help you get out of a terrible situation within the realm of foreclosure, please contact them. They can help, they will help, and they are in the best position to do so. I’m sorry for ranting, this is just a situation and a story that has affected me in a big way once upon a time in my life and I felt helpless and alone and I want to be able to help someone in a similar position. Thank you so much for hearing my story, I feel better now just to get it off my chest. I have never been in such a downtrodden position and I only want be able to turn someone else’s position around for them if at all possible.

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