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It is such heartbreaking news when loved ones come to find out of their elderly family member having been abused in the nursing home they are in. It is such terrible, awful news to receive. No matter which way the news comes, whether it be from your loved themselves, the news, the nursing home finding it out, or some sort of memo, it is all bad. No matter which way you receive the news it is the most dreadful news to hear. So what do you do next? Once you receive the news, what do you do? Here are some logical steps to take after receive such news.

Yes, the first thing you should do is breathe. Try to keep your wits about you and take care of yourself the moments after finding out. Breathe. Yes, your mind will be racing and your imagination will be taking you to places you never would have dreamed up in your nightmares. For the moment, just breathe, and sit down if you are not already.

Make contact with your elderly family member. If you are geographically close to the nursing home where your loved one is, then drive there. Take the bus. Take the light rail train. Get over there and attend straight to your loved one. Think about them and their safety. Do not get heavily involved with the staff and nurses that are on-site. Likely it is one or a few who have been involved in the neglect. It is not all of them. You also want to keep yourself composed so that you do not start some type of lawsuit between the staff and yourself, where you are the “bad guy” now. If you are distant from your elderly family member, then call them. Call them the safest way you know how to. It might mean asking a friend to go to the nursing home and calling them on that cell phone so they feel they can speak in confidence. The point is to make contact with your loved one, and to get answers.

Once you are aware of the situation, such as if your loved one was involved or not, you need to take action. Likely this will mean removing and relocating them somewhere else. Even a temporary situation is better than what they were in! Simultaneously, take action by hiring a nursing home neglect attorney who will take the proper legal action so that some level of justice can be had.

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