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Whiplash injuries through road traffic accidents are very common, and there are hundreds of victims every single day. Claims for compensation following whiplash injury have more than doubled in the last decade or so. Whiplash injury is the common name for injury to the neck following an extension of neck muscles after a sudden jolt, such as in a collision or being brought to a sudden halt.

Current laws say that if someone suffers whiplash injury through an accident that is not their fault, they are legally entitled to personal injury compensation. Making a claim for personal injury compensation will almost certainly mean engaging the services of a solicitor, but there are many who specialise in such claims and will not charge fees if no compensation if granted.

Medically, whiplash injury is not straight forward to prove, as medical examinations do not always offer sufficient proof. As much detail as possible will be needed regarding the symptoms suffered following whiplash injury, and it is therefore vital that the claimant seeks medical advice immediately following the injury, is examined, and formal medical records started. Following this the patient and claimant should ensure that they advise their doctor of any and all resulting pain, injury or difficulty, as this detail will help in making any claim.

Immediately after the accident that caused whiplash injury, the victim should take the usual steps after any road traffic accident, specifically obtaining details of others involved and providing their own details of insurance and personal details such as name, address, etc. to anyone who requires them. Failure to comply with the laws in this respect will not only mean a claim could be invalidated but also leave the victim open to prosecution. At this stage it is important for victims not to enter into discussion with other participants of the accident, or try to apportion blame or provoke argument as all of these actions could cause difficulties in pursuing a claim.

As much detail as possible should be recorded about the accident and if possible, photographic evidence should be gathered. The police should of course be notified, and their attendance can add vital weight to any other evidence about the nature of the accident.

After taking the appropriate and necessary steps to comply with the law and obtain medical assistance, victims should consider who they wish to advise and represent them; in other words, select a firm of solicitors who have experience in and knowledge of making claims for road traffic accident victims.

Most solicitors specialising in seeking compensation for victims will offer a variety of advice and guide their clients through the whole process, so it is absolutely essential that the victim gives their solicitors as much information as possible.

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